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1 April 2022: Submission to High Needs Review
IHC says disabled students’ families, and the professionals who support them, are increasingly concerned about a lack of adequate support for disabled students to be at school, and for schools to do their best by them.


28 September 2021: Submission to the Parliamentary Education and Workforce Committee’s inquiry into school attendance
IHC says disabled students should not be disadvantaged and treated less favourably than their non-disabled peers in respect of their right to attend school.


14 February 2020: Submission on Education and Training Bill
IHC supports the intent of the Education and Training Bill to establish and regulate an education system that provides New Zealanders with life-long learning opportunities so they engage fully with society.


14 June 2019: Submission to the Ministry of Education consultation on legislative changes to; strengthen the right to education and, transfer provisions regarding special schools and rename special schools
IHC believes that the right to education will be strengthened by sustained policy and administrative actions to ensure that education systems and structures effectively respond to the rights within the Education Act and ensure they are able to be enforced.

7 April 2019: Submission on Tomorrow’s Schools Review
IHC says the education system is not working well enough for our most disadvantaged children and young people.

18 March 2019: Submission on He taonga te tamaiti: Every child a taonga – Strategic plan for early learning 2019-29
IHC is concerned that the current draft of the plan will not create an inclusive early learning system because it does not establish the reasonable accommodations necessary to ensure children with disabilities enjoy early childhood education and care on an equal basis with their non-disabled peers.


31 October 2018: Submission on the Draft Disability and Learning Support Action Plan
IHC says the Plan must result in students with intellectual disability having discrimination-free access to, and outcomes from, education at their local school.

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