28 September 2022: IHC welcomes ERO proposal to give disabled students a fair chance at school
ERO report confirms the problems identified in IHC’s legal action against the Crown about the disadvantage and discrimination experienced by disabled students.

13 September 2022: Disabled students 5,000+ times more likely to be restrained in residential specialist schools
IHC is urging the government to mandate the end of physical restraint in schools.

17 August 2022: IHC looks to Ministry of Education to step up for disabled students at Royal Commission
IHC looks to the Ministry of Education to step up for disabled students at tomorrow’s Royal Commission of Enquiry to abuse in State Care.

15 July 2022: Make it fair or meet us in court
IHC’s 2022 Inclusive Education Survey paints an incredibly grim picture for disabled students in Aotearoa New Zealand today.

7 July 2022: The education system is set to fail quarter of new students
IHC says a report out today showing a quarter of all preschool children have developmental difficulties shows the broken education system must be fixed today.

1 April 2022: ‘Broken’ system leaves disabled students without support
Ninety-nine percent of educational professionals are calling for a complete overhaul of the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) which provides support for high needs students who require specialist support in the classroom.


17 June 2021: Disabled children deserve a fair chance at school – IHC takes its fight back to the Human Rights Review Tribunal
IHC is taking its fight for disabled children’s rights to an education to the Human Rights Review Tribunal today – the third time in 13 years.

10 May 2021: Getting it right for disabled students at school
We want to hear from you about the changes needed for disabled children to get a fair deal at school.

24 February 2021: A win for disabled students
IHC will finally be able to proceed with its case against the Ministry of Education over the human rights of students with disabilities.


28 October 2020: Increased numbers of complaints about abuse in special schools
IHC is concerned that the number of complaints about abuse in residential special schools has increased significantly in recent years, along with complaints becoming more complex.

25 September 2020: Denying right to schooling has lifelong impact, IHC tells Inquiry
A six-year-old boy who couldn’t spell cat and didn’t know his last name, was sent to an institution where for the next 13 years he was put to work and physically and sexually abused.

4 August 2020: IHC welcomes funding boost for students
IHC has applauded an announcement by the Government that some students with learning support needs will benefit from a substantial increase to Ongoing Resourcing Scheme funding.

1 July 2020: IHC calls on Government to abandon force in schools
IHC is calling on the Government to heed the wave of anti-brutality sentiment sweeping the world and move away from the use of force and restraint in schools.


10 December 2019: Segregating disabled students is against NZ’s values
In an open letter to the Education Minister, IHC has raised its concerns about the Government’s significant investment in special schools and satellite units for disabled students.

12 November 2019: Top marks for Tomorrow’s Schools Review
IHC has given the Government’s review of Tomorrow’s Schools an A minus grade.

26 July 2019: Calling on Govt to put words into action
IHC says it’s a promising sign to see the Government restating its commitment to inclusive education, and that they’ve acknowledged that disabled students’ rights to education have not been responded to.


28 September 2018: We want to hear your thoughts about the draft Disability and Learning Support Action Plan
Last week the government released their draft Disability and Learning Support Action Plan. The plan seeks to provide a wraparound coordinated response that includes access to government and community resources.

21 September 2018: Improved resources needed for diverse learners
IHC has welcomed the government’s draft plan to provide individualised support for every child who needs it in the classroom, but cautions it will only succeed if the wider education system becomes more inclusive.

11 September 2018: Treasury funding advice discriminates against children with additional needs
NZEI Te Riu Roa and IHC are shocked to discover that Treasury advised the Government to scale back funding for children with additional needs, knowing this would mean thousands of children staying on waiting lists for learning support.

3 September 2018: Inclusion must begin with early education
IHC is calling on the Government to work more closely with the early childhood sector so that young children with disabilities aren’t waiting months for specialist help.

17 May 2018: Budget: Learning support funding ‘just tinkers around the edges’
IHC is pleased learning support has received a funding boost in today’s education Budget, but says a complete rebuild is needed so that every child gets what they need to learn.


4 September 2017: IHC survey finds patchy progress for people with intellectual disabilities in New Zealand
A new snapshot on quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities has found many still struggling for education, good health care and above all the ability to earn money.


3 November 2016: Move to outlaw seclusion rooms overdue
IHC welcomes the Ministry of Education’s move today to outlaw school seclusion rooms and continues to advocate for individualised responses to each child’s needs, with schools having more support and direction.

14 October 2016: IHC says it’s time to shut seclusion rooms for good
IHC welcomes today’s decision to investigate the use of seclusion rooms in schools and for all to be shut down until a finding is determined.

11 May 2016: Yet another patch job for children with disabilities
IHC New Zealand says new money for teacher aides won’t necessarily mean children with disabilities get the education all children deserve.

9 February 2016: More evidence that disabled children aren’t getting a fair deal at school
IHC welcomes the survey conducted by NZEI TE Riu Roa of Special Education Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) that shows a lack of adequate support for disabled students at school. NZEI’s survey of Special Education Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) in schools, has revealed that around 16 percent of students were on schools’ special needs registers, but nearly 90 percent of schools’ special needs coordinators did not believe there was adequate support for students and their learning.

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