Timeline of events

  • 1989 onwards: Families lobby for their children to have the same rights to enrol as their non-disabled peers. They reach out to IHC about the many problems, saying legal rights mean nothing in the classroom.
  • 2008: IHC lodges formal complaint under the Human Rights Act alleging discrimination of students with disabilities because of the government’s inadequate systems and structures.
  • 2009: The Ministry of Education (MOE) is notified of IHC’s complaint.
  • 2010: Review of Special Education – Success for All policy – every school, every child.
  • 2012: IHC files claim in Human Rights Review Tribunal (HRRT).
  • 2014: IHC files amended claim in Human Rights Review Tribunal.
  • 2015: Crown attempts to strike out aspects of IHC’s claim. Preliminary hearing on three issues.
  • 2016: Confidential discussions are held between IHC, MOE, Education Review Office, and Education Council over four days – fails to reach settlement.
  • December 2020: HRRT dismisses strike-out action, meaning IHC’s legal action can be heard.
  • February 2021: Director of the Office of Human Rights Proceedings agrees to provide IHC with free legal representation.

Timeline of events


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